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We try to write about our work as we go. Here are our latest musings:

  1. NFTix update on May 03, 2022nftixresearchweb3NFTdigital trading cardToppsTopps BuntsportsbaseballMLB

    I just became aware of an OG card market maker that has been making digital cards for 10 year! However, it might not end well.

  2. NFTix update on March 12, 2022nftixresearchweb3NFTdigital trading cardNFLsportsfootball

    An example of how NFTs can be more than digital trading cards

  3. NFTix update on March 12, 2022nftixresearchweb3NFT

    NFT Profile Pic Projects have gone a bit crazy. Team-Zero wants to make one, but we're not certain if we want to contribute to the noise. Here are our thoughts.

  4. NFTix update on March 01, 2022nftixresearchweb3NFTdigital trading cardDapper LabsNFLsportsfootball

    Dapper Labs and the NFL release Digital Sports Card NFTs of awesome Moments.

  5. NFTix update on October 30, 2021nftixresearchweb3NFTdigital trading cardCandy DigitalsportsbaseballMLB

    Sports trading cards have gone digital! In this article I will share how I collected NFTs for Major League Baseball and sold them for a 1000% profit.

  6. Datapult update on September 21, 2021researchweb3Twitteranalyticscustomer developmentAPIgo data or go home

    What can we learn from the Twitter Data api and how can we use it to validate our assumptions about the potential market for Datapult as a product.

  7. Datapult update on September 15, 2021researchUXwalkthroughmockupdesign

    Behind the scenes... view an early mockup used during our design process to visualize the app user experience.

  8. Datapult update on September 08, 2021researchweb3storageIPFSFilecoin

    Fleek is new and cool and all on Web3! This article explores how to use Fleek to build a social media friendly image preview using Fleek and

  9. Datapult update on September 05, 2021researchweb3storageIPFSFilecoin

    This article is a discussion of the key feature for Datapult, walk through of the critical feature in early design sketches.

  10. Datapult update on September 01, 2021researchweb3storageIPFSFilecoinWeb3.storageTwittersocial media

    So you're putting your files out on IPFS. That's great! But other than minting NFTs what else can you do? In this article we talk about how Datapult helps with this problem.

  11. Datapult update on August 27, 2021researchweb3storageIPFSFilecoin

    A review of some Web3 storage providers and their features set support for creating Datapult. It covers some of what is out there and which ones we have looked at so far.

  12. NFTix update on August 20, 2021nftixresearchweb3NFTdigital trading cardCandy Digitalsports

    Candy Digital and Major League Baseball release NFTs in their MLB Stadium Series. The NFT features a beautiful minimalist animated artwork representing each stadium. Each stadium features its own special unlock.

  13. NFTix update on August 20, 2021nftixresearchweb3NFTdigital trading cardCandy DigitalsportsNCAAfootball

    Candy Digital and athletes from NCAA football release NFTs in their Sweet Futures Series.

  14. NFTix update on April 07, 2021nftixresearchweb3NFTdigital trading cardDapper LabsNBAsportsbasketball

    Dapper Labs and the NBA release Digital Sports Card NFTs of awesome Moments.