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Team Zero is a ConsenSys Mesh innovation team dedicated to rapidly building products with Web3 technologies. We test them in real-world scenarios to gauge their desirability, feasibility and viability in specific markets. Our interests span media, social networks, sports, memorabilia, ticketing, digital fabrication and civic engagement.

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Recent Updates

  1. NFTix update on May 03, 2022nftixresearchweb3NFTdigital trading cardToppsTopps BuntsportsbaseballMLB

    I just became aware of an OG card market maker that has been making digital cards for 10 year! However, it might not end well.

  2. NFTix update on March 12, 2022nftixresearchweb3NFTdigital trading cardNFLsportsfootball

    An example of how NFTs can be more than digital trading cards

  3. NFTix update on March 12, 2022nftixresearchweb3NFT

    NFT Profile Pic Projects have gone a bit crazy. Team-Zero wants to make one, but we're not certain if we want to contribute to the noise. Here are our thoughts.

  4. NFTix update on March 01, 2022nftixresearchweb3NFTdigital trading cardDapper LabsNFLsportsfootball

    Dapper Labs and the NFL release Digital Sports Card NFTs of awesome Moments.

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Brian Chamberlain

Brian Chamberlain

Founder, Engineering

Brian has been building consumer web and mobile products since 2000. Now in the Web3 space he is looking to bring his product engineering skills to the distributed web. His interests are in protocol development, applied cryptography, decentralized storage, hardware and software prototyping.

T.J. Chmielewski

T.J. Chmielewski

Founder, Product Design

T.J. specializes in defining successful products and experiences, building effective prototypes and tests, and improving product development processes through collaboration. :)

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