Rosen NFT drop

This project involved working with Treum, the talented team behind Euler Beats (the project that combined NFTs and generated music on the Ethereum blockchain). For this project we designed and built a custom sales site for the famous word artist Jonathan Rosen.

Art that choses you

The design needed to match Jonathan's unique visual style to his art. The implemenation of the sales site and NFT contracts needed to be as solid as the contracts and sales app built for Euler Beats. It also created a new type of purchasing system for NFTs where the NFT artwork was chosen for you at random. There was no way to pick what phrases you would get ahead of time. This made for a very exciting and unique purchasing experience.

Nasdaq tower

Promotion of this project was very unique. The NFTs that were sold through the site were also displayed on the Nasdaq video tower in New York's Time Square.

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Brian Chamberlain

Brian Chamberlain

Founder, Engineering

Brian has been building consumer web and mobile products since 2000. Now in the Web3 space he is looking to bring his product engineering skills to the distributed web. His interests are in protocol development, applied cryptography, decentralized storage, hardware and software prototyping.

T.J. Chmielewski

T.J. Chmielewski

Founder, Product Design

T.J. specializes in defining successful products and experiences, building effective prototypes and tests, and improving product development processes through collaboration. :)