A project concieved and created as part of the Web3Studio team at ConsenSys. It was a token and a royalty payment system for artists to monitize concert footage captured by their fans.

A fully functional Proof-of-Concept

While the project only ran for a few months we were able to make some notable firsts. We were the first project to make use of NFTs to unlock custom media content. The content was encrypted with the NFT owners public key and stored on IPFS. We were also the first to develop and deploy the novel "Shared Royalty NFT" (a.k.a a SRNFT). This unique model rewarded anyone who purchased and then sold the NFT. After our token launch we captured a live artist performance at the SXSW 2019 music festival. The first ever Bootleg token was minted and sold shortly there after. The artist and all previous holders received a percentage of the sales, with the majority of the Eth going to the artist.

If you are interested in reading more, all the project details and code are open source.

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Brian Chamberlain

Brian Chamberlain

Founder, Engineering

Brian has been building consumer web and mobile products since 2000. Now in the Web3 space he is looking to bring his product engineering skills to the distributed web. His interests are in protocol development, applied cryptography, decentralized storage, hardware and software prototyping.

T.J. Chmielewski

T.J. Chmielewski

Founder, Product Design

T.J. specializes in defining successful products and experiences, building effective prototypes and tests, and improving product development processes through collaboration. :)